Teenage Drivers
The Commonwealth of Virginia and the Department of Motor
Vehicles require that all individuals under the age of 19 meet the
  • Obtain a Virginia Learner's Permit not sooner than 15
    years, 6 months of age
  • Complete 36, 50-minute periods of classroom instruction
  • Complete 14 periods of Behind-the-Wheel instruction
    which includes 7 periods of driving and 7 periods of
    observation. Each period is 50 minutes in length.
  • Hold a Virginia Learner's Permit for 9 months

Behind the Wheel Instruction for Teenagers

Safe & Sound Driving School currently offers the required 14
periods of in-car training. We also offer in-car practice driving (over
and above the required 14 periods) at the student's and/or
parents request for an additional charge.  We also offer the
classroom component required for a VA driver's license.

Please visit our "Payment Information" page for a listing of our

Click the link in the right-hand column to download the application
for students 18 years of age or younger
VA Dept. of Education  45-Hour
Parent/Teen Driving Guide
A completed copy of  the booklet's page 40
(PDF page 44)  must be submitted to receive
the 180-day temporary license.
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